Elements of Casual Sophistication: the Knit Blazer

The blazer is a classic style. It has evolved over centuries while still retaining its defining details. The blazer can dress up an outfit, make us feel put together, and can be worn over basically ever other piece of clothing in our wardrobe. We wanted to reimagine the timeless silhouette of the blazer in knit, to make it comfortable and even more versatile.

In consultation with our factory in Italy, we decided on the Milano stitch. It is compact and enables the blazer to hold its shape, as it would in a woven fabric. With this construction, we were able to recreate all of the design details we envisioned.

The Knit Blazer for her is simple, well tailored and proportioned. The initial idea was for it to suggest the lines of the body with its structure.

As you can see, the blazer is completely unlined. This makes it comfortable, as nothing pulls or restricts movement. The inside seams are all finished showcasing the incredible workmanship.

The Knit Blazer for him is simple as well. The initial idea called for the many details that are found on a woven blazer, but reimagined in knit.

The blazer for him features a slightly notched lapel. The three open patch pockets are easy to use, and the double side vents at the back allow for movement.

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