The striking clarity of simplicity

When it’s pure, when it’s perfect, you know it

The Serino Studio was established with this basic truth in mind which gave us our purpose: create essentials that epitomize how simplicity endures over time and impacts our lives. We create only what is necessary and do not embellish for the sake of convention.

This vision is broader than our clothing. Our studio believes in the pursuit of perfection and the striking clarity of simplicity, which can help us create a better future together.

Our Method of Make

A collaboration with Italian filmmmaker Claudio Napoli, hear from our founders and witness our pieces being made at a family-owned factory in Italy.

Our studio offers an edited selection of classic silhouettes – redefined in wearable knitwear by focusing on a singular knit yarn platform, in both cotton and wool.

We focus on premium materials, that do more with less, and last over time. The purity of utilizing one material demands attention to fit and details, thus creating beauty in form.

This distinct approach moves away from traditional seasonal collections and replaces it with a modern but timeless wardrobe.

We source our product in Italy through a family-owned and operated factory with sixty-five years of knitwear experience.

The flat-knitting technology produces less waste than traditional circular or cut-n-sew manufacturing, allowing us to help mind the planet.

Serino fine knitwear

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