Our Method of Make

At the core of Serino clothing is 1-7-5: our method of make. 1-7-5 represents our studio’s viewpoint on the power of simplicity, the comfort of enduring style, and the purpose that allows us to mind the planet while creating timeless essentials. This design ethos is one of purity and simplicity, meaning, we create only what is necessary and do not embellish for the sake of convention.

Acclaimed Italian videographer, Claudio Napoli captures this unique vision in his moving documentary of our method of make of each in each garment, produced in Italy by a family-owned and operated factory with sixty-five years of knitwear experience. From the initial knit yarn platform, to the hands that operate the machines, to the meticulous fit of each garment: every step in creating Serino clothing holds a purpose. 

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