In Studio Event: Supporting Sustainability

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JASON CAMPBELL is a 25-year veteran of the fashion industry. Jason has been a contributing writer for STYLE.COM, NEW YORK MAGAZINE, AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION, & SURFACE. Jason also works as a consultant and personal stylist. His roster of personal styling clients includes celebrities and international jetsetters who require seasonal, event, and everyday wardrobe looks with a demanding aesthetic. Clients include Wendi Murdoch and Jamie Tisch.

Located a few blocks from our studio, The Jefferson Market Garden is the creation of the community for the community.  Open to the public, the Garden presents educational, musical and crafts events for children and families. During the Summer, they offer out door musical programs. They host field trips for schools and senior centers where they teach about the transition from seed to flower, composting, and soil. They offer all this free of charge, while also maitaining a serene green oasis in the hectic concrete city.

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