When it’s pure, when it’s perfect, you know it.

We  are obsessed with the material in which something is  made. It is the soul of a product. It inspires focus, discipline, and intent to everything we make.

There is honesty in simplicity. It’s not bold or loud. It is not sensational. It doesn’t gain attention on social media. Simplicity is pure.

 It is  stripping away what is superfluous to arrive at an outcome that is defined by purpose. These are the principles upon which our brand is built. 

During the last decade, we have become a society of excess. We have forgone purpose in favor of surplus.

Therefore, our maxim of doing fewer things better is a pure, sustainable approach.

Our Method of Make

The use of an individual raw material across a minimal number of styles leads us to create exceptional product. 

Iconic silhouettes that can be worn every day, with everything, adds credence to our philosophy.

We do not create for fantasy or indulgence; we create for every day need, enhanced by purpose and an aspirational aesthetic. 

To be truly innovative, one must break with tradition.  

True innovation, much like being truly sustainable must be driven by doing things differently. 

It is not a marketing pitch; it is a way forward.

This is our definition of sustainability 

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